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Lisa Livingston, Senior Business Analyst
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portrait Before I spit out my credentials, I have a confession. After two decades of intensive training and experience, I'm still a little kid inside. I love to paint pictures, tell spell-binding stories, and help others realize their dreams. I enjoy seeing people's faces when they like what I've done, when I have evoked a positive response, and when I've provided workable solutions to meet their needs.

Others seem to appreciate my stuff. For example, in California I earned recognition at the South Bay Mayoral Creative Writing contest. Another time in Portland, Oregon, a handful of educators awarded me their annual James DeMott Literary Scholarship.

I also pulled first place in Investigative Reporting from the Evangelical Press Association while working on a national publication in Chicago. Oh yeah, and one of my proposals (both text and graphic design) earned a merit award from the Society for Technical Communication.

Regardless of the specific assignment — whether it's a technical manual for a database company, an advertising campaign, a government grant proposal, comprehensive business analyses, or promotional materials for a women's group — I consistently shape my current project into the very best I can offer.

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Education and Training
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Lisa Livingston earned a 720-hour certification for Technical Drafting through Southern California Regional Occupational Center. Her technical specialties include piping, mechanical, electrical and architectural design.

Multnomah Logo During the spring of 2010, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies from Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon. Previously, she received Publication Design training from the Douglas Workshop in Chicago as well as Specification Writing and Construction Management certification in Indianapolis.

With 15 years as a business analyst and almost 8,500 documented hours in project management, Mrs. Livingston was awarded nationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP) credentials from the reknown Project Management Institute. This certification currently will remain active through February 2020.