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Our Valued Clients

Sometimes we've been a little hungry and have hustled intently to obtain a specific project or contract. Other times, the work seemed to fall right into our laps. Regardless of the energy expended to land an assignment, we consistently aim to treat each and every customer as our one and only. Feast or famine, our individual and corporate clients fascinate us. We sincerely want to see you realize your heart's desire, and we can't tell you enough how much we appreciate your continuing business.

Company Name

Aid to Women
Alan Keyes
Business Refinement
Cambridge Staffing
Century Custom Homes
Draperies by Ruth
Edkin Chiropractic
Ethan Allen
Grace Baptist Church
Innovative Reach
Jordan Systems
Leading Youth in Exploration
Madison County COG
NanaWall Systems
Nearme Networks
New Covenant Bible Church
New West Lending
Noelridge Baptist Church
Parsons Technology
PMX Industries
Reconciliation Ministries
Shelter Insurance Company
Stamats Communications
Total Success Machine

Business Type

Crises Pregnancy Center
Presidential Campaign
Etiquette Training
Outplacement Facility
General Contractors
Interior Design
Private Medical Practice
Fine Furniture Sales
Electronic Book Editing
Sheffield, Iowa
Motivational Speakers
Industrial Equipment Leasing
Environmental Databases
Background Searches
Outdoor Adventure Trips
Housing Administration
Construction Designers
Physicans Group
Children's Ministry Promotion
Financial Institution
General Religious Support
Software Producer
Copper and Brass Manufacturer
Counseling Services
Life and Auto Insurance
College Promotions
Marketing Consultants
LogicBase Studio Software

SGS Projects

design and writing
camera-ready programs
keynote speeches
writing resumes
logo and letterhead
website development
news copywriting
point-of-sale signage
copywriting and editing
logo, letterhead, t-shirts
promotional design, editing
general brochure, articles
technical manual writing
corporate image package
design and writing
grant procurement
advertising taglines
website development
fliers and brochures
monthly newsletters
promotional packages
electronic tagging, graphics
three-dimensional promos
corporate image package
marketing letters
freelance writing
advertising promotional
process management manuals

Previous Positions Held

Life itself is the ultimate adventure, isn't it? Whether an employment gig has lasted for 10 months or for several years, my husband, daughters, and I have received countless blessings from our Heavenly Father — frequently before we even knew that lean times were coming and always exactly when we needed it most.


AC Technology Training
Blick Art Materials
CB International
Genova Technologies
Iowa Christian School
Madison County COG
Moody Magazine
Rockwell International
Wells Fargo

General Purpose

Robotics and Automation
Art Materials and Supplies
Foreign Mission Agency
Customized Software Design
Middle School and Senior High
User Stories and Wireframes
Community Development
International Publication
Educational Measurement
Avionics and Engineering
Home Mortgages


Lead Instructor
Assistant Manager
Publications Editor
Senior Proposal Manager
Language Arts Teacher
Senior Business Analyst
Project Administrator
Magazine Editor
Customer Requirements
Technician II
Change Management