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What Others Say About SGS
We're always open to kudos and roses from a few fans

Because we seek to maintain a consistent attitude of thankfulness and graditude, we often find kindred spirits who share a similar viewpoint. So you can imagine how delighted we are when clients pause from their busy lives to say thank you.

Total Success Machine
Tim Calcara, The Idea Guy

"To say that I was pleased with your rewrite of my Five Secrets Report would be an understatement.

"You showed great care in seeking to understand exactly what I attempted to accomplish in the document. Then you put my thoughts into words and graphics that said it better than I had in the original.

"Thanks for your 'extra care' performance. Believe me, I will not hesitate to use your services again. As I run into other business professionals needing the type of work that you do, I will gladly refer them to SGS DESIGN AND MORE."

Staff Appreciation Month
Tracie Maurice, Project Coordinator

NCBC Brochure

"My heart is so full of gratitude and awe! This month of February has certainly enriched the life of the New Covenant family because of your genuine sensitivity and creativity in drawing our attention and appreciation to our Equipping Staff.

"Your words of encouragement and the visual display helped me get to know each of my pastors in a fresh new way. I discovered many insights into all of them. Thanks for taking time to research our staff!"

Legal Correspondence
Bill Barthel, Client

"As a small-business owner, I found myself facing a court hearing that could be alleviated with a persuasive letter. The demands on my time, however, did not allow me to participate in any kind of creative writing course. Within a short time frame, Lisa Livingston assisted me in drafting the correspondence that was right on target.

"Over the years, I have developed a client base grounded on providing productive assistance uniquely tailored to meet every individual's needs. This has been the key to my success. SGS DESIGN AND MORE has done the same for me."