Clear Communication. Cooperative Teamwork. Creative Execution.
We partner with you to deliver exactly what your constituents want and need.

Three Distinctive Company Portfolios
We proudly present our body of work for your consideration.

Often service-oriented companies tout a single strength or marketing focus. With two decades of planning, management, writing, design, process improvement, and training experience under our belt, we elected to expand our portfolio to cover all we can do for you. At SGS DESIGN, we lead complete projects, programs, proposals, or campaigns. But when you only need one element, we cheerfully help you meet that need as well.

Strategic Planning Portfolio
Risk-proof execution begins with careful planning


Our first priority always involves active listening to discover and document your current and future program needs, requirements, and detailed wish list.

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Program Management Portfolio
Successful completion requires solid leadership


We give your employees, partners, and vendors back their nights and weekends. Each individual will appreciate our resource-focused leadership style.

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Process Improvement Portfolio
Repeatable procedures improve overall quality


Our SGS DESIGN team can help you establish new flexible processes, organize customizable templates, and implement best-practice systems.

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