Clear Communication. Cooperative Teamwork. Creative Execution.
We partner with you to deliver exactly what your constituents want and need.

Strategic Planning Portfolio
Joining forces with our gifted business analysts doubles your brain power.

The SGS DESIGN approach to planning differs significantly from our competitors' canned methodologies. First our analysts get to know you and your company well. Then as a collaborate effort, we shape our solutions to fit comfortably within your overall business strategies. At SGS, we understand that our contribution is not really about us. It's about you, your staff, your internal users, your external teammates, and primarily your customers.

Identity and Branding
Potential customers should know you immediately


Because we thrive on variety and enjoy discovering what makes your company special, every identity piece will present a tailored, cohesive look and feel.

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Marketing Strategies
Consider proven, logical ways to position yourself


Starting with your intended target markets, our experienced business analysts provide step-by-step strategies for meeting your expansion goals.

Marketing Strategies Case Study »

Backlog Grooming
SCRUM teams know the value of continual planning


At any moment, a software developer can finish his or her task and forward it to QA for testing. In today's Agile world, keeping the pipeline filled is critical.

Backlog Grooming Case Study »

Capture Management
When you simply must win your next contract, try SGS


We will aggressively pursue new opportunities, teach you valuable capture management techniques, or devise a workable combination of the two.

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Customer Requirements
Always begin with detailed and specific documentation


Surprisingly, many leaders neglect this critical capstone. All timelines, development, and testing should emanate from accurate requirements.

Customer Requirements Case Study »

Technical Solutions
We consult with your own subject matter experts


Although we typically design our solutions to span five years, with today's rapid technological advances, we recommend taking inventory after every season.

Technical Solutions Case Study »

Gap Analysis
What apparent holes do you still need to fill?


In our intensely competitive professional world, we must acknowledge our own weaknesses before we can effectively maximize our proven strengths.

Gap Analysis Case Study »

Dynamic Wireframes
Interactive drawings can communicate volumes


Clear mockups help product owners express their business needs while engineers design and implement specific aspects of a given solution.

Generic Mockups Case Study »

Risk Mitigation
Smart managers plan for every possible contingency


Instead of merely avoiding potential issues, mature business owners identify and evaluate problem areas early, and then tackle each risk head on.

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