Clear Communication. Cooperative Teamwork. Creative Execution.
We partner with you to deliver exactly what your constituents want and need

Process Improvement Portfolio
We create customizable project tools for present and future use

SGS DESIGN project managers and business analysts make long-term improvements wherever we go. These educated, experienced, and talented team members simply consider such a meaninful, established practice to be good business. We consistently deliver more to our valued clients than we promise. Whenever you need someone to focus intently on improving any part of your existing system, we're here to help — and typically we'll exceed your expectations.

Initial Process Evaluation
SGS teammates get paid to think


Where are the program pain points you've felt repeatedly? We begin with whatever areas will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Process Evaluation Case Study »

Standard Company Procedures
We work within your own existing systems


SGS differs from our competitors because we don't arbitrarily superimpose our SOPs. Instead, we apply only what makes the most sense.

Standard Procedures Case Study »

Suggested Implementations
SGS analysts recommend best industry practices


We specialize in great ideas, and our process improvements are surprisingly easy on your budget. We can provide progressive three- to five-year plans.

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Documenting and Diagramming
Our resulting documents offer more than pretty pictures


Every SGS deliverable must communicate as effectively as possible. If someone on your team can't understand something easily, we'll revise it.

Documentation Case Study »

Helpful Software Tools
Together, we explore "love it or leave it" solutions


We either use your current software (perhaps with upgrades) or recommend new tools such as MS Project, Visio, InDesign, or other enhancements.

Software Case Study »

Worksheets and Templates
Specialized forms keep your PMs organized


As our project managers develop reusable artifacts for your contracts, these materials can function as well within other projects and programs.

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Testing and Validation
You'll want the bugs out before we walk away


Qualified managers should never present final deliverables to a customer until they pass thorough and extensive internal tests.

Testing Case Study »

Ongoing Team Training
We teach your staff to continue making improvements


By design, first we implement significant changes in your project processes. Then we guide your team toward applying relevant next steps.

Training Case Study »

Workable Transition Plans
Future growth arises from intelligent planning


How do we accurately record your preferences? After asking lots of questions, we recheck our assumptions until you're convinced we've got it right.

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