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Our Pricing Process
First Contact: Do We Click?

Although much can be determined through telephone calls and e-mail, there's nothing like a face-to-face meeting. At some point, we'll want to discuss our general working styles, goals and objectives. We'll pick a time that works well for you at a place of your choice. And if we hit it off... well, let's take the next step.

Work Specs: What Do You Need?

After we talk about your current project, SGS will draft initial Work Specifications. This will help make sure that we're on the same page before we pursue specific printing, marketing or advertising quotes. At this point, however, you're still under no obligation to select our company for your design and/or copywriting purposes.

Deadlines: When Can You Help?

Ah, yes. The clock is ticking. SGS DESIGN AND MORE follows a three-step deadline process, and each level must be approved by you and your company. First, there's the presentation of our initial conceptualization. That's where we share with you our great ideas. This date typically falls within a few days after our initial meeting.

Next, we submit to you preliminary text and design. This would encompass, perhaps, a detailed outline, rough draft, etc. Again, we need to agree early and often during the decision-making stage. If you don't like the tone of something or the overall feel of it, now's the time to change it.

Finally, SGS will provide you with camera-ready materials if you have requested this type of treatment. Each of the three tiers must adhere to its own deadline schedule. This will ensure that all of us stay on track to complete the project in the most time-sensitive, cost-conscious manner.

Quotes for Budgeting
"Before work ever starts on your specific project,
we agree on a price."

As long as the specifications remain the same, the overall cost to you will not change. We also can assist you in obtaining accurate estimates from printers and others involved in the fulfillment of your task. Whether you need a copywriter or project manager, we're here to guarantee that you can accomplish your goals while staying on budget.

Hiring a subcontractor provides you great benefits. You don't worry about holiday pay, taxes, insurance, equipment or other overhead expenses. And when the pressure's on to complete a job "yesterday," you'll have an extra pair of eyes, hands and feet to more-than-double your efforts.

For your convenience, we've included a sample copy of our SGS Contract to preview. Specific terms generally are negotiable, and short writing assignments frequently do not require the need for a contractual agreement.