Clear Communication. Cooperative Teamwork. Creative Execution.
We partner with you to deliver exactly what your constituents want and need.

Step 1. Quick Overview

To serve you most efficiently, we need to know what makes you tick. During our initial interview, we ask a fistful of questions designed to clarify your goals. This procedure not only helps us position you in the marketplace, it also allows your organization and ours to function as a team.

While we ascertain your likes and dislikes, you'll discover how much we enjoy helping you succeed. But you call the shots. You can start at level one, Strategic Planning, and move through each successive step. Or you can jump directly into whichever step meets your immediate need.

For sample products, browse our planning, management or improvement portfolios.

We won't convince you to adopt anything you don't want. But we will share honestly with you what we've gleaned through 20 years' experience in graphic design, publication writing and project management. At SGS DESIGN AND MORE, we take pride in maintaining a low-key sales environment.

Why not let us walk you around traditional landmines of waste and non-productivity? We've learned what works. Our SGS staff gets a kick out of showing clients how to stretch budgets, increase sales, improve market share and maximize staff effectiveness.

Seven Steps to Success
"We reach deeply to make every project our best yet."

1. Quick Overview »

2. Strategic Planning »

3. Effective Leadership »

4. Program Development »

5. Process Improvement »

6. Quality Assessment »

7. Onsite Staff Training »

"Imagination is a valuable asset in business, and she has a sister, Understanding, who also serves. Together they make a splendid team, and business problems dissolve, and the impossible is accomplished..."

Alice Foote MacDougall
The Autobiography of A Business Woman