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Step 4. Program Development

Do you focus so intently on your customers outside your company that you completely forget customers on the inside? No matter how big or small the organization, your "customer-base" actually includes associates, coworkers, vendors, investors, supervisors and administrators — as well as potential customers on the street.

To maintain a healthy working environment, you must pay attention to the needs of your inhouse customers. Every publication tool you use inside should reinforce your corporate image and thus provide a valuable identity for each participant.

Much of the design and style groundwork will have been completed already in step two, Strategic Planning, and in step three, Effective Leadership. The next step is simple.

Sooner or later, for example, you'll need to reprint standard forms or issue an update on a current project. Why not weave your new look into all of your interoffice materials? What a powerful message upgrading sends to coworkers: "Your opinion and happiness matter."

When employees feel appreciated, production increases and service improves. As you care for the needs of your internal customers, they'll take care of the external ones.

Seven Steps to Success
"We reach deeply to make every project our best yet."

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"Nothing could keep me in business, if my job were simply business to me. The human problems which
I deal with every day – concerning employees as
well as customers – are the problems that fascinate
me, that seem important to me."

Hortense Odlum, President of Bonwit Teller
New York City Women's Store