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Step 5. Process Improvement

Entrepreneurs demand exciting promotional materials, but sometimes they ignore the particular buying habits of their target audience. Big mistake.

Without knowing who will use your product or service and under what conditions, you can't begin to create an effective compaign. Shotgun approaches don't work.

SGS DESIGN AND MORE grabs attention and encourages responses by tailoring our efforts to appropriate segments of the population. Where steps one through three focus on your company's dreams, this step almost exclusively emphasizes your customer's felt needs.

For example, what makes your customers lose sleep at night? How can you improve their quality of life? Every subgroup of society will generate vastly different answers.

SGS DESIGN can identify existing and potential customers. Then comes the precise operation of marrying your image with your market's desires and concerns. Following your lead, we will introduce your promotional materials according to a well-conceived game plan.

Seven Steps to Success
"We reach deeply to make every project our best yet."

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"A free-enterprise economy depends only on
markets, and according to the most advanced mathematical macroeconomic theory, markets
depend only on moods..."

Barbara Ehrenreich, "How You Can Save Wall Street"